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Author : Maria Isabel Delgado, Illustrator : Yvonne Symank
Preschool - 2nd Grade

Los recuerdos de Chave - Chaves Memories

Del Sol Books, Get The Complete SetLos recuerdos de Chave - Chaves Memories, Softcover, Bilingual, Book, Maria Isabel Delgado, Yvonne Symank, Preschool - 2nd Grade, 9781558852440, $7.95
Los recuerdos de Chave - Chaves Memories, Hardcover, Bilingual, Book, Maria Isabel Delgado, Yvonne Symank, Preschool - 2nd Grade, 9781558850842, $16.95

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Los recuerdos de Chave - Chaves Memories, Del Sol BooksThis bilingual picture book revisits an enchanting childhood and depicts the beauty of life on the U.S.-Mexico border. This bicultural bridge opens children's eyes to the joys of living between two contrasting lifestyles, two sets of traditions and customs.

A charming bilingual picture book for children that revisits an encanting childhood and depicts the beauty of life on the U.S.-Mexico border as a gateway to two cultures. This bilingual bridge opens children's eyes to the joys of living between two contrasting lifestyles, two sets of traditions and customs. A captivating story and colorful illustrations showcase the alluring delights to be discovered in a journey across the border.

Vienna RoseListen to Vienna Rose read Chaves Memories to you.  A marvelous example of the magical encounter between a child and books that we wish for all children.

School Library Journal : PreSchool-Grade 3-In this pleasant bilingual picture book, Chave, a grown woman, recalls her childhood trips from her border home in Brownsville, TX, to her grandparents' ranch in northern Mexico. Large, bright drawings show young Chave, her brother, and their cousins racing around the ranch, sliding down dirt hills, herding baby goats, riding wooden barrels, and listening to a ranch hand tell stories. The characters' faces are a little stiff, but the illustrations are colorful and otherwise appealing. Overall, an affectionate picture of rural Mexican life.

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