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F. Isabel CampoyAuthor : F. Isabel Campoy, Illustrators : Jose Aruego and Ariane Dewey
Preschool - 2nd Grade

Rosa Raposa

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Rosa Raposa, Del Sol BooksJaguar, the sharp-toothed, beady-eyed bully, is determined to eat Rosa Raposa for dinner. But Jaguar had better watch out, because clever Rosa has some surprises in store for him! In three hilarious South American trickster episodes, Rosa uses her sharp imagination to make Jaguar look like the biggest fool in the forest.  F. Isabel Campoy and bestselling illustrators Jose Aruego and Ariane Dewey have created a story that will keep readers wondering how Rosa Raposa will get the last laugh this time. 

Watch or Listen Vienna Rose read Rosa Raposa to you.  A marvelous example of the magical encounter between a child and books that we wish for all children.  And here's an earlier reading by Vienna Rose, and an even earlier reading.

Publishers Weekly : Campoy relays a trio of rather flat trickster tales set in the Amazon rain forest, where the title character, crafty Fox, thrice gets the best of beady-eyed, sharp-toothed Jaguar. Two tales follow a predictable path: in the first, after Jaguar brags that he has tricked a monkey into freeing him from the boulder-covered hole in which he was trapped, Rosa convinces him to demonstrate how he escaped (she then rolls the boulder over the hole again to ensure he stays there); in the second, sly Rosa asks Jaguar to tie her to a tree so she will not be carried away by a fictitious approaching cyclone, prompting Jaguar to demand that she tie him securely to the tree first (after which she happily abandons him). In the third, more convoluted tale, a parched Rosa uses honey from a beehive to fashion a disguise of leaves so that she can slip past Jaguar to quench her thirst at the river. Throughout, both the characters and the plot fall short of clever, making for a rather ho-hum read. Artist duo Aruego and Dewey (Antarctic Antics) contribute vividly hued art-Jaguar sports a bright blue coat with butter-colored spots and half-moons, Rosa's fur is a zigzag fusion of orange and pink-rendered in pen and ink, gouache, watercolor and pastel. The animals' changeable facial expressions add a welcome dose of humor to these capers. Ages 3-7. 
School Library Journal : Kindergarten-Grade 3-Campoy sets three Spanish trickster tales in the Amazon Rainforest, where a little fox uses her wits to extricate herself from Jaguar's bullying threats. In "A Cry for Help," Chango-monkey helps Jaguar when he is trapped in a hole, only to be threatened by the hungry animal when he is free again. Rosa goads Jaguar into showing them once more how he was snared, and then leaves him there. In "A Strong North Wind," Rosa is caught by Jaguar, pretends there is a hurricane, and convinces her adversary to be tied to a tree so he won't blow away. In "The Green Dress," Rosa outwits not only Jaguar, but angry bees as well, and calls to Jaguar from one side of a wide river, "I hope I don't see you again." "Oh, you will, Rosa Raposa, you will," responds her nemesis on the other side, slinking away, raising readers' hopes that more stories are on the way. The pen-and-ink, gouache, watercolor, and pastel illustrations are wonderful, bright, and saucy. This is a delightful book for read-alouds, reinforcing the idea that brains are better than brawn. 
Booklist : K-Gr. 3. Campoy adapts three trickster tales from Spanish stories about a fox that bests a wolf and resets them in the Brazilian Rain Forest, changing the wolf to a jaguar. In each of these short stories, fox Rosa Raposa evades hungry Jaguar. First she convinces him to leap into a pit, then to tie himself to a tree, and finally she camouflages herself with leaves. Aruego and Dewey's signature pen-and-ink, gouache, and watercolor illustrations play up the trickery's humor and cheerfulness with expressive characters and bright, tropical colors--Jaguar is blue spotted with white and Rosa is vibrant orange and pink. An author's note offers some background and word definitions [ ] the combination of Rosa's wily thinking; the well-paced text, with a rhyme at the end of each chapter; and the sprightly pictures will make for lively read-alouds. 

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