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Alma Flor AdaAuthor : Alma Flor Ada, Illustrator : Angela Dominguez
Preschool - 2nd Grade

Quiero ayudar - Let Me Help

Quiero ayudar - Let Me Help, Hardcover, Bilingual, Book, Alma Flor Ada, Angela Dominguez, Preschool - 2nd Grade, 9780892392322, $16.95, Watch, Out of Print :( 

Ray, Del Sol Books

Quiero ayudar - Let Me Help, Del Sol Books¡Quiero ayudar! is a charming story of Perico, a pet parrot who desperately wants to help his family prepare for the Cinco de Mayo fiesta, but is constantly being shooed away. In the end, Perico finds his own special way to lend a hand (or wing).  Perico learns this phrase from little Martita, who’s been saying it a lot lately. When the whole family scrambles to prepare for Cinco de Mayo, Perico knows there must be some way he can help—even if he is just a parrot.  Perico tries to help make delicious tamales. He tries to help craft beautiful paper flowers for the barge his family will take down the San Antonio River. He tries to help the boys practice their mariachi number on the porch. But at every turn Perico is shooed away, until he finally figures out how he can add something to the Cinco de Mayo fun.  Acclaimed author Alma Flor Ada’s tale is the story of every young reader who has been told he or she is too little or too young to help. Angela Domínguez’s vibrantly hued paintings glow with the rich colors of the southwest. Let Me Help! is a joyful read-aloud, yay!

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