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Alma Flor AdaAuthors : Alma Flor Ada, Illustrator : G. Brian Karas
Preschool - 1st Grade

El misterioso huevo de Daniel - Daniels Mystery Egg

Del Sol Books, Get The Complete SetEl misterioso huevo de Daniel - Daniels Mystery Egg, Softcover, Bilingual, Book, Alma Flor Ada, G. Brian Karas, Preschool - 1st Grade, 9780152059712, $4.95

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El misterioso huevo de Daniel - Daniels Mystery Egg, Del Sol BooksDaniel finds an egg. What kind of animal will this mystery egg hatch? Imaginations run wild as the kids in Daniel’s class guess what sort of surprise the egg has in store. 

Teachers comment that this is an excellent book to practice prediction, since Daniel’s friends are actually predicting which animal may hatch from the surprising egg. Of course they are also enjoying it as a book to talk about animals who hatch from eggs. 

Some teachers have paired this book with another of Alma Flor’s books : Who's Hatching Here? - ¿Quién nacerá aquí? 

Listen to Vienna Rose read Daniel's Mystery Egg to you.  A marvelous example of the magical encounter between a child and books that we wish for all children.

School Library Journal : Grade 1-2.  An appealing story in which a boy finds a small white egg. He shows it to three friends, one at a time. Each child speculates as to what might be inside and how to help once it has hatched. After some waiting, what emerges is not an ostrich or an alligator or a duck, as his friends imagined, but a lizard, exactly the kind of animal Daniel predicted-"small, nice, and quiet." Karas's collages cover three-fourths of each spread or page and are either above or below the text. Most are in full color, with the exceptions being the illustrations that represent what the three imagine is in the egg. Those pictures are more muted and depict the kids peeking over the edges of the scenes. With large-sized type, short sentences, repeated words and phrases, and plenty of illustrations, this book is just right for beginning readers.

Booklist : Grade 1-2.  Daniel finds a little egg, puts it in a box, and shows it to his friends as they come along. The children suggest one dangerous or inconvenient animal after another that might be inside the egg, but Daniel expects a small, nice, quiet pet. To the boy's great satisfaction, the egg hatches and a lizard emerges. Written with a simple vocabulary and growing sense of anticipation, this story will suit beginning readers well. Karas' stylized illustrations, collages of cut paper enhanced with drawing and painting, clearly delineate between the actual and imagined scenes. A pleasing entry in the Green Light Reader series.

About the Illustrator : G. Brian Karas has illustrated dozens of popular books.  For this book he used photos of Alma Flor’s grandson Daniel to illustrate the protagonist which Daniel inspired. 

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