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Alma Flor AdaAuthors : Alma Flor Ada, Illustrator : G. Brian Karas
Preschool - 1st Grade

Daniel y su mascota - Daniels Pet

Del Sol Books, Get The Complete SetDaniel y su mascota - Daniels Pet, Softcover, Bilingual, Book, Alma Flor Ada, G. Brian Karas, Preschool - 1st Grade, 9780152062439, $4.95

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Daniel y su mascota - Daniels Pet, Del Sol BooksDaniel loves his new pet.  But what will happen when it hatches a surprise?  Alma Flor Ada and G. Brian Karas team up for a heartwarming story about Daniel and his newest animal friend.

Children’s Literature : Those learning to read often turn to books that explore their interests. Keeping this in mind, Harcourt last year launched a carefully designed early-reader series called "Green Light Readers" with level one (ages 4 to 6) and level two (ages 5 to 7) books. Since many kids are intrigued by animals, Daniel's Pet heads the list. The book offers the simple words, fun rhymes and rhythms and familiar situations that can provide important cues to those trying to master reading. Alma Flor Ada's engaging story about a little boy acquiring and caring for his pet chick is well complemented by G. Brian Karas' whimsical illustrations. At the end, an art project and five playful questions encourage young readers to further reflect on the book, enhancing understanding and enjoyment. 2003, Harcourt, and Ages 4 to 6.

"A must-have for any family with a beginning reader."--Boston Sunday Herald

"You can't go wrong with adding several copies of these terrific books to your beginning-to-read collection."--School Library Journal

"A winner for the beginner."--Booklist

Franklin Elementary : First grade students at Franklin Elementary School in Rahway were recently visited by ‘Cooper’ the hen. Students learned all about hens and how to care for a pet when they read the story, ‘Daniel’s Pet’ by Alma Flor Ada. The story is about a baby chick that grows up to be a big hen that lays eggs and then has more baby chicks. After reading the story, first grade teacher Gail Andrews brought in her pet hen, ‘Cooper’ and visited all of the first grade classrooms in order to make a science connection with the story.

Listen to Vienna Rose read Daniel's Pet to you.  A marvelous example of the magical encounter between a child and books that we wish for all children.

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