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Suni PazF. Isabel CampoyAlma Flor AdaAuthors : Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy, Illustrator : Ulises Wensell, Musician : Suni Paz
Preschool - 5th Grade

Musica amiga, Canta la letra, #2

Del Sol Books, Get The Complete SetDel Sol Books, Get The Complete SetMusica amiga, Canta la letra, # 2, Softcover, Spanish, Book, Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy, Ulises Wensell, Preschool - 5th Grade, $4.95
Musica amiga, Canta la letra, # 2, Spanish, CD, Suni Paz, Preschool - 5th Grade, $19.95   Listen
Musica amiga, Pedagogia creadora a traves de la cancion, Softcover, Spanish, Booklet,
Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy, Teacher, $29.95

$223.16 for the Musica amiga Poetry Books and CDs Collection, Including 20%-Off, Free Shipping, and No Sales Tax : 10 Softcover Spanish Books, 10 Spanish CDs, and 1 Spanish Teacher's Guide

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Musica amiga, Canta la letraEvery one of these volumes can be used with any age children for the appreciation of poetry and music, and the development of concepts and values.  This volume is particularly suited for language and vocabulary development as well as family and identity values.  Musica amiga is a program that can be used to develop initial reading skills. This volume will allow for the reinforcement of the vowel songs. The vowel substitution songs: “Una mosca”, “Yo te dare” and “La mar estaba serena” are excellent phonemic awareness songs. “A, a, a, mi abuelita me dará”, an original poem by Alma Flor Ada has become a very well loved song in Early Childhood education. Isabel Campoy’s poems “Mi abuelo” and “Color hermoso” encourage recognition of family values.  Suni Paz's musical creations draw from her extensive knowledge of Latin American and Spanish musical tradition making this CD and all CDs in the series a powerful introduction to the Hispanic musical heritage.  Listen to a sample song from Canta la letra's 12 songs by clicking on the highlighted CD title below.

12-Song Canta la letra CD
Una mosca - Folklore
A, a, a, mi abuelita me dará - Alma Flor Ada
Yo te daré - Folklore
La i minuscula - Alma Flor Ada
La mar estaba serena - Folklore
Mi conejito - Folklore
Un en un  - Alma Flor Ada
Las cinco vocales - Folklore
Color hermoso - F. Isabel Campoy
Mi abuelo - F. Isabel Campoy
Qué miedo - F. Isabel Campoy
Arre arre - F. Isabel Campoy

Musica-Amiga-1.jpg (439414 bytes)Musica-Amiga-3.jpg (59589 bytes)Discover the power of music and poetry to build literacy!  Infuse culture into your curriculum with this indispensible collection of poetry and songs in Spanish.  This program is an excellent vehicle for developing phonemic awareness  and supporting language acquisition, basic foundations for reading success.  The musical compilations include traditional folklore, selected works by a wide range of Latin American authors, and original material written by Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy. All of the songs are arranged and sung by Suni Paz, and many are her original compositions. The books contain magnificent color illustrations by Ulises Wensell.  The importance of songs in the classroom cannot be overly emphasized. Songs are a vehicle for both teachers and students to develop fluency in the language, improve pronunciation and intonation, build vocabulary, and develop their understanding of Hispanic culture. Learning the traditional folklore cherished by families and communities will strengthen Latino children’s sense of identity; for English-speakers learning Spanish, songs and folklore will deepen their appreciation of the Spanish language.  Each of the accompanying books includes the corresponding lyrics for all of the songs. All of these songs and poems can be used from kindergarten to grade six for oral language development and cultural enrichment. The first five compilations are particularly suited for helping develop specific literacy skills, as indicated. The last five support sustained language development, a deepened appreciation for literature, and an ongoing love for independent reading.  Musica amiga Phonetic Guide (1) (2)

Latin Baby Book Club : This month we have a special treat for you. The estimada Sra. F. Isabel Campoy has graciously written a series of posts describing what she considers their best contribution to Latino children - Música amiga. Written together with Alma Flor Ada, this incredible collection is made even more powerful by their collaboration with the talented Suni Paz, who arranged and sings all of the songs on the CD many of which are her original compositions. In addition, the series contains magnificent color illustrations by Ulises Wensell.  Música amiga uses the power of music and poetry to build literacy. This remarkable series is available as a set or individually. Parents, teachers, librarians, and homeschoolers will find this set to be an extremely valuable tool for developing their children's/students' phonemic awareness and supporting language acquisition, basic foundations for reading success.  We hope you will join the LBBC in expressing our sincerest thanks to Sra. Campoy for sharing Múscia amiga with all of us this month...Música amiga constitutes an anthology of Hispanic folklore, plus our original poems. In its 120 compositions there is the foundation of language for children to learn by singing, and a treasure for mothers, to close the circle of their own childhood. In our 40 plus poems we share our pride to be Latinos, our joy to be part of an extended family, and even an invitation to take care of life!  There are ten books to this series, each with an accompanying CD.  Each book includes 12 carefully selected poems. All 120 poems are presented as songs in the CD collection. Some of the poems are from folklore, a number of them have been originally written by Alma Flor Ada and myself. A few are from other renown poets.  The books have magnificent illustrations from internationally acclaimed illustrator Ulises Wensell.  All of these poems and songs can be enjoyed by children in Pre-K to 6th grade, as they touch upon topics that affect us, inspire, and entertain us all. Parents will find it easy to sing along with their children thanks to Suni Paz’s musical creations, or learn the lyrics for inspiration and pride in their own identity.  The first five volumes are particularly suited for helping develop specific literacy skills and for the reinforcement of specific syllabic combinations as well as overall language development. The last five volumes support sustained language development, a deepened appreciation for literature and an ongoing love for independent reading.

Ana: This series looks amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on it and enjoy it with my niña.  I also look forward to sharing it with our bilingual community.  Thanks!!
Angelica: I have been advocating for more bilingual and Spanish books in my local library. This series sound like a perfect recommendation! The illustration on the cover is simply beautiful...
Tracy : Wish I had found these when my sons were younger. They look fantastic and the cover art is gorgeous.
Silvia : Thanks for sharing this beautiful series with us. What a great idea to combine poetry with music for children!
Melanie : This sounds great. I'm excited to find more Spanish language media every day that I can use to help my daughter live a bilingual life.
Dariela : Wow! What a great series! I'm so happy these books even exist! I need to learn all those songs so I can sing them de memoria. These books with cds will help!! GRACIAS!
Monica : Gracias a todas! We are so delighted to have had Sra. Campoy share this wonderful series with us and all of you...
Marcela : I love the pictures! Simple yet beautiful.  I appreciate all the details in the post and look forward to sharing it with my kids!!

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