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Author : Manlio Argueta, Illustrator : Elly Simmons
Preschool - 2nd Grade

Los perros magicos de los volcanes - Magic Dogs of the Volcanoes

Del Sol Books, Get The Complete SetLos perros magicos de los volcanes - Magic Dogs of the Volcanoes, Softcover, Bilingual, Book, Manlio Argueta, Elly Simmons, Preschool - 2nd Grade,  9780892391295, $7.95

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Los perros magicos de los volcanes - Magic Dogs of the Volcanoes, Del Sol Books2000 Skipping Stones Honor Award Winner
1999 Américas Award Commended List
1999 Parent's Choice Approved Winner

Cadejos are the mythical dog-like creatures that figure prominently in the folklore of El Salvador. They mysteriously appear at night and lovingly protect the villagers who live on the slopes of the volcanoes from danger. Don Tonio, the powerful landowner, is suspicious of the benevolent cadejos—he believes they bewitch his villagers and make them lazy. A regiment of lead soldiers is brought in from afar to hunt the cadejos and wipe them out … but the ancient volcanoes come up with a plan to save the cadejos and pave the way for peace once more. This is a lovingly told story of war and pacifism, distrust and mutual support that will make children and adults rejoice.

Vienna RoseListen to Vienna Rose read Magic Dogs of the Volcanoes to you.  A marvelous example of the magical encounter between a child and books that we wish for all children.

"Simmons's vigorous art, recalling Mexican paintings of the 1930s, is the perfect complement to this powerfully symbolic, satisfying tale."
      —Kirkus Children's and Young Adult Division

School Library Journal : Kindergarten-Grade 3-- For generations, the cadejos , wolflike, magical animals, have cared for the people who live at the foot of the volcanoes. But then the landowner decides to do away with them in the hopes of making the campesinos harder working, and he sends soldiers made out of lead to kill them. In desperation the cadejos call upon their great-great grandparents, the volcanoes, who defeat the soldiers, and, by extension, the landowner. In this engagingly told dual-language story from El Salvador, the original Spanish text is much smoother and more dynamic than is the English translation, which misses some of the humor and clever turns of speech that grace Arguenta's narrative form. However, the translation is able and reads aloud well enough to hold the attention of young listeners. Simmons's illustrations are in keeping with the folkloric tone. Large, bright, and primitive-looking, they have some of the mass and volume of Orozco's work. Paired with Jane Anne Volkmer's Song of the Chirimia (Carolrhoda, 1990), this opens listeners to the folklore of Central America in an attractively illustrated, accessible form.

"Folklore, magic, pacifism, land and labor issues combine to create a cutting-edge package that readers have come to expect from San Francisco-based Children's Book Press."
     —San Francisco Chronicle

"One of the best offerings for kids age 4-10."
     —Child Magazine

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