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Alma Flor AdaAuthor : Alma Flor Ada

En clave de sol

Del Sol Books, Get The Complete SetEn clave de sol, Softcover, Spanish, Book, Alma Flor Ada, Teacher, 9781598205084, $19.95

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En clave de sol, Del Sol BooksA triple murder takes place in the Cuba of the late 1950's, changing forever the lives of six young individuals. Time and distance separate them now, yet all remain joined by a shared secret they've promised never to reveal. In this new saga, we feel suspense, surprises, deep emotions and unexpected outcomes that map the road by which the main characters will relive their past to find in their present the profound reality of their origins and identity - finally sowing the seeds for a better future.

Through her characteristically evocative style, Alma Flor Ada describes the everyday historical and political events lived by Cubans in exile and by those that remain on the island. Her narrative transcends the purely anecdotal to present us with a kaleidoscope of intense feelings and moving dialogues where time and memory dance to the beat of absence and yearning.

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