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Alma Flor AdaAuthor : Alma Flor Ada

Alma Flor Ada and You, Volume 1

Del Sol Books, Get The Complete SetAlma Flor Ada and You Volume 1, Softcover, English, Book, Alma Flor Ada, Teacher, 9781591581864, $35.00
Alma Flor Ada and You Volume 2, Softcover, English, Book,
Alma Flor Ada, Teacher, 9781591582281, $35.00

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Alma Flor Ada and You, Volume 1, Del Sol BooksPlaying on the phrase, "the author and you"--a common reading comprehension strategy that teaches the learner how to look at the words of an author and make inferences about what is being said--this series helps the teacher and teacher-librarian understand the underlying purposes of an author as they prepare learning activities for their students. The series focuses primarily on books for the elementary age child (K-6), featuring insights into the author's background, purposes and goals in writing his books. By furnishing an overview of the author's works, the books in the series give teachers the big picture. Each book features personal information about the author, including insight into why he writes the type of books he does. In addition, lesson plans and/or activities are offered for each of the author's books featured. Lessons stress the particular interests of the author so the "author and you (the teacher)" can build a collaborative instructional relationship using the material provided. Each book is written by the featured author or in close collaboration with her. This second book in the series features the life and work of prolific author, Alma Flor Ada, discussing her life and work as a bilingual children's author. Because Alma Flor has compiled such a large volume of work, the series will feature two volumes about her. The first volume focuses on her life and her picture books for children. Discussion of Alma Flor's childhood in Cuba, her schooling in Europe, and her immigration to America is interwoven with discussions of her children's picture books. The reader thus learns the genesis for the ideas and the stories. This book provides a fascinating window into the life and work of the beloved children's author and her desire to help children develop the writer within. Grades K-6.

MultiCultural Review : This two-volume set on the highly prolific Cuban-American children's writer and translator includes, in the first volume, information about her family heritage; her life in Cuba, Europe, and America; and her process of creating original children's books. The second volume, to be published later, will contain her insights on retelling folktales and legends and working in both English and Spanish.

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