Rey Del Sol, Del Sol Books, Del Sol UniversityRey Del Sol, Del Sol Books, Del Sol University 
Del Sol Books provides you with the very best Spanish, English, and Bilingual Children's Books and Music,
featuring Alma Flor Ada, F. Isabel Campoy, and Suni Paz at 20%-Off, with Free Immediate Mailing and No Sales Tax

To Order or to Ask a Del Sol Question, read the info below and then email Rey Del Sol
Rey Del Sol, Del Sol Books, Del Sol University
333 N Main Street, # 2464, Cedar City, UT, 84720

1) If you let me know what you want and provide your mailing address,
2) I'll confirm everything and mail everything immediately,
3) and then you can mail a check upon receipt/satisfaction.

Free Immediate Mailing  Free US Media Mail Shipping with Tracking to any of the 50 US States in about 1 week.

20%-Off Discount   20%-Off Discount off the cover price of each book.  And yes, you can choose individual titles or sets.

No Sales Tax   There's No Sales Tax for anyone, anywhere, any ever.  If you're in California, I'll cover your Sales Tax.

Payment Options  I really like checks (no commissions :), and you can mail a check made out to Del Sol Books upon receipt and satisfaction to : Del Sol Books, 333 N Main Street, # 2464, Cedar City, UT, 84720.  For schools, libraries, and organizations that use purchase orders, they're totally fine.  Or you can pay with ChasePay/Zelle to or you can PayPal to if you cover the PayPal Fees by clicking on the Send Money Tab, then the "I'm sending money to family or friends" Button, then the Continue Button, and then make sure the "I will pay the Fee" box is checked. As an FYI, if you pay via your PayPal Balance or your Bank Account, you don't pay a fee either. :)  And if there's some other new payment option, propose it to me.  I like to try new things.  And if credit cards are necessary, yes, they will be fine, too.

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Del Sol Packing  I pack Books far better than anyone I know.  Books are my babies and I want you to receive them in new condition, since you're paying for New Books.  The key is that I never put Book corners next to the corners of the box.  Instead, I wrap Books in a plastic grocery bag to protect them from humidity, rain, and snow, and I make sure there's about an inch of crunched up newspaper protecting all the corners of the box.  Not just the corner corners, but the corners all the way from the bottom to the top of the box.  Then I put a half inch of crunched up newspaper around all 6 sides.  I tape it up well with Scotch Heavy-Duty Tape, and then I shake the box.  If I hear shuffling around, I reopen the box, add more newspaper, tape it up, and shake the box again.  Once it passes the Shake Test, that box of Books is Officially Certified as "Postal-Drop-Kick Proof", and better packed than 99% of the book publishers I've ever dealt with.  It's not rocket surgery! :)  And as an FYI, any Ding'd Books are offered at 20%-Off to anyone who asks, or are sold at a conference at 20%-Off.  So, you can be confident that all books sold here are new edition new books in new condition.

Del Sol Recycling  I use used boxes and used newspaper 100% of the time.  Feel free to use them again.  Reduce (Minimalist), Reuse (Resourceful), Recycle (Last Option Before Trash).

Del Sol Refunds and Returns  In the Rare Event that you are not Satisfied with your Del Sol Books, email Rey Del Sol and I will do my best to make you a Del Sol  Fan.

International Shipping  International Shipping is right out.  It's so expensive that it's not worth the cost or risk.  For Desperate International Del Sol Fans, I recommend using the US Mailing Address of a Horrible Friend/Relative living/visiting the US, a PO Box or UPS Store in the US, a US Hotel you'll be visiting, or a US Military Mailing Address.

Del Sol Advertising   Del Sol Books relies on Word-of-Mouth advertising.  I bow in your general direction!

Del Sol Privacy  Del Sol Books is committed to protecting your privacy.  When you order, I only need to know 2 things : 1) your mailing address to mail your Horrible Books to you, and 2) your email address to email your Invoice to you.  If you pay via check, I promptly deposit the check and it's never seen again.  If you pay via credit card, I need the credit card number, the expiration date, and the 3-digit code on the back (for AMEX, it's the 4-digit number on the front).  The credit card information is entered directly into's secure credit card site and is never seen again.  If you reorder with a credit card, I'll need all of the credit card information again, as I don't keep any credit card information anywhere.  I have not, do not, and will not sell, trade, or share any of your payment information.  That said, I do tell my daughter interesting customer names, streets, or cities.

Really Nice Endorsements

Hi Rey, Thanks for caring, it would be better world if every one would care for others like you do. Now is my turn to care for a least one more person. I did give your info to my daughter's school .Hopefully they going to give you more orders:)  Cheers

This is the most impressive transition that I have had in quite some time.  I am truly impressed.  I have saved your information and will be purchasing all of my Spanish books from you in the future.  I will send the check as soon as the books arrive.  Thank you so much!

We received our shipments last week--the second box arrived on Friday. Thank you, everything is in perfect order--and thanks so much for the complimentary books--we'll definitely use them. We LOVE Del Sol Books! I will put my personal check for the cost in the mail to you this afternoon, please watch for it. 

I actually received the books on Saturday!  We are very pleased with the expeditious receipt and your detail, trust on payment, and overall niceness! I am putting the check (via my husband in his office (since it is a check)) in the mail tomorrow. Thanks Rey!

I am thankful for finding your bookstore in the mist of the craziness of mega store. Thank you for this jewel! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I cannot believe how quickly you took care of us, the books arrived at around 11:00 a.m. today. You rock! I look forward to working with you in the future, I will contact you after our event. 

To Order or to Ask a Del Sol Question, read the Del Sol Order Info and then email Rey Del Sol
Rey Del Sol, Del Sol Books, Del Sol University
333 N Main Street, # 2464, Cedar City, UT, 84720
Rey Del Sol, Del Sol Books, Del Sol University