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Author : Megan McDonald, Illustrator : Peter H. Reynolds
3rd Grade - 5th Grade

Judy Moody adivina el futuro # 4
Judy Moody Predicts the Future, # 4

Del Sol Books, Get The Complete SetJudy Moody adivina el futuro, # 4, Softcover, Spanish, Book, Megan McDonald, Peter H. Reynolds,  3rd Grade - 5th Grade, 9781594378379, $7.95
Judy Moody Predicts the Future, # 4, Softcover, English, Book, Megan McDonald, Peter H. Reynolds,  3rd Grade - 5th Grade, 9780763648572, $5.99

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Judy Moody adivina el futuro - Judy Moody Predicts the Future, Del Sol BooksJudy Moody ate one, two, three bowls of cereal. No prize. She poured four, five, six bowls of cereal. Nothing. Seven. Out fell the Mystery Prize. . . .  Judy definitely has a mood for every occasion. And now she has a mood ring to prove it! The mood ring’s Extra Special Powers have put Judy in a predicting mood, and her outrageous predictions have everyone wondering if Judy really is psychic. According to "Madame M" (for Moody), the Toad Pee Club’s long-lost mascot will reappear, Judy will earn the coveted Thomas Jefferson tricorn-hat sticker for Great Job, Good Thinking—and love may be the real reason behind her teacher’s new eyeglasses. Will Judy’s latest adventures put kids in a very Judy Moody mood? (Signs point to yes!)

Never boring... A fun, feisty read featuring a suitably flamboyant heroine with a real zest for life."

Amazon : The fourth book in Megan McDonald's wonderfully goofy Judy Moody series will leave fans wondering whether the most irrepressible third-grader in Class 3T just might have ESP. (That's either Extra Special Powers, or Extra-Special Skink Powers--in the case of skink-hunting with Judy's brother Stink.)  Our soon-to-be-psychic heroine slurps down seven bowls of cereal one morning before finding what she seeks: "A ring! A silver ring with an oogley center. A mood ring!" Testing out her possibly prescient ring-powers, though, requires all sorts of experimentation--and working through some "burnt-toast" black moods before transforming completely into "Madame M for Moody."  Judy remains her ebullient self throughout this fourth installment, despite "a blucky old math-test," a run-in with her self-assured rival from the last book ("Jessica Finch probably ate fractions for breakfast: 1/4 glass of orange juice, 1/2 piece of toast, 3/4 jar of strawberry jelly!"), and a spelling test that doesn't quite produce the grade she predicts. ("Judy didn't see why tor-tee-yah had any l's at all. And zig and zag sure seemed like two words to her. Who wrote this dictionary anyway? Mrs. Merriam and Mr. Webster were going to hear from her.")  But by far the biggest surprise that Judy Moody struggles to predict is what a visit from the mysterious crayon lady Ms. Tater might really mean. And why is Mr. Todd acting so weird? Could her predictions prove prophetic once again? Might there really be little Tater-Todds in her teacher's future? (Ages 6 to 10)

Judy Moody adivina el futuro - Judy Moody Predicts the Future, Del Sol BooksSchool Library Journal : Grade 2-4-After eating seven bowls of cereal, third-grader Judy finally uncovers her mystery prize- a mood ring. It stubbornly stays black ("Grouchy, Impossible") after she slips it on, but over time the ring warms up to her. She thinks it has ESP, which allows her to make some outlandish predictions. Judy (as Madame M) forecasts she will ace her spelling test without studying. Naturally she doesn't, nor does she foresee getting in trouble with Mr. Todd, her teacher, after distracting the class with her prized possession. Judy's brother and friends are skeptical about the girl's newfound ability but with a few lucky guesses and a lot of confidence, Madame M marvels them with the biggest prophesy of all: Mr. Todd is in love. Established fans and new readers of the series will enjoy this adventure. Amusing black-and-white watercolors capture the humor and the girl's inimitable spirit. Prediction: another winner starring Judy Moody.

Booklist : Gr. 2-4. Perennial favorite Judy Moody returns in a fourth offering, this one focusing on Judy's psychic abilities, or, more accurately, her lack thereof. Judy claims the prize at the bottom of her cereal box--a mood ring--and tries to convince her family and third-grade classmates that she can foretell the future. She predicts the return of the Toad Pee Club's lost mascot, a brilliant performance on her spelling test, and her teacher's romance with the Crayon Lady. Unfortunately, the mascot is a fake and she bombs the test, but her forecast is right on the mark when it comes to Mr. Todd and Ms. Tater. McDonald has a wonderful sense of how eight-year-olds think and behave, and the irrepressible Judy is completely believable as she careens out of control in the classroom, earning time to chill out at the Antarctica desk at the back of the room. Reynolds' black-and-white illustrations convey the suitably goofy personalities of Judy and her friends and will appeal to kids; short chapters and large print add to the book's appeal. This is a great choice for first-chapter-book readers, especially those already acquainted with Judy.

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