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Teachers Collection Spanish Set
$127.76, Including 20%-Off, Free Immediate Mailing, and No Sales Tax
1 Book and 2 DVDs : 1 Softcover Spanish Book and 2 Spanish DVDs

Encuentro magico con el folklore infantile, Spanish, DVD, Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy, 3rd Grade and Up, $19.95   Watch
Esta linda la mar, Softcover, Spanish, Book, Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy, Teacher, 9781631132735, $49.95
Lectura creadora, Spanish, DVD, Alma Flor Ada, Teacher, $19.95   Watch


Teachers Collection English Set
$134.07, Including 20%-Off, Free Immediate Mailing, and No Sales Tax
3 Books and 3 DVDs : 3 Softcover English Books and 3 English DVDs

Authors in the Classroom, Softcover, English, Book, Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy, Teacher, 9780205351398, $57.80
Creative Reading, English, DVD, Alma Flor Ada, Teacher, $19.95   Watch
Hagamos Caminos, English, DVD, Alma Flor Ada, Teacher, $19.95   Watch
Owning Meaning, Softcover, English, Book, Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy Teacher, $19.95
Participatory Research, English, DVD, Alma Flor Ada, Teacher, $19.95   Watch
Spanish Literacy Strategies for Young Learners, Softcover, English, Book, Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy, Teacher, 9781601283702, $29.99


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Authors in the Classroom 

Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy combine inspirational examples and practical how-to's to create a unique resource for teachers!  Thousands of teachers have experienced the awakening of their own creative writing voice through participating in the writing courses and workshops offered by Alma Flor Ada and Isabel Campoy. The rich tapestry of these teachers' voices is a major highlight of this book. In turn, teachers have used their own self-published works to inspire students and parents to write their own stories, and those voices are included in here as well.

In addition to offering a plethora of inspiring examples of works authored by classroom teachers, parents, and students, this book also includes practical, step-by-step activities and a solid grounding in theory. Written in a clear and reader-friendly style, this combination will enable teachers to experience the benefits of this creative approach to building strong classroom communities.

Author’s Note :   This book represents the fruits of eight years of joint efforts of encouraging teachers to dare to experience the joy of writing. It has also benefited from the insights of Rosalma Zubizarreta, Alma Flor’s daughter, who collaborated enthusiastically in the making of the book.  While most teachers feel comfortable sharing their enthusiasm for reading with their students, few feel equally at ease in exploring the power of authorship.  The process suggested in this book for authoring self-reflecting books, has been embraced by numerous teachers who have found that in writing personal books about themselves, their families, their life journey, and their goals as teachers bring about three distinct kinds of benefits:

1. a greater self-awareness and a possibility to reevaluate their own vocation as educators.

2. greater confidence and strength to guide their students in their own process of discovering of voice.

3. a new relationship, of greater trust and equality, with the students families’ based on shared human experiences.

We are extremely grateful to the teachers, families and students who have shared with us their works to be included as examples in this book and to all those others, whose words have not been reproduced in the book, but who are present in it, through all we have learned from them in the process of teaching “Authors in the Classroom” courses, workshops and seminars throughout the United States and abroad. We know many of you have been anxiously awaiting the publication of this book and it is a joy to let you know it is finally available.

Midwest Book Review : Collaboratively written by Alma Flor Ada (Director of the Center for Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults, University of San Francisco) and F. Isabel Campoy (a children’s books author and language acquisition expert), Authors In The Classroom: A Transformative Education Process is an unusually well written and organized educational guide aimed expressly at classroom teachers seeking to improve their own writing skills. Enthusiastically promoting creative literacy among students, teachers, and parents alike, Authors In The Classroom creatively and informatively explores means for educators to hone their own writing talents, as well as encouraging the students to live up to their fullest potential. An excellent, reflective, “user friendly” guide, Authors In The Classroom is an invaluable contribution to academic Education Studies reference collections.

Reviews : “This book is nearly perfect. It will become a classic.”  Stephen Krashen , University of Southern California.

“Jim Cummins : "Authors in the Classroom shows us what education can be and should be: a safe environment for intellect and identity to expand and connect with the collective intellectual and cultural accomplishments of our global society. As evidence for its claims about what education can achieve this text provides neither empty theory nor soulless empirical research but rather the voices of teachers, students, parents, and the authors themselves, exploring through writing the limits of human reality and potential.”

Elsa Auerbach : “I want to start by saying that this is a powerful book which was a joy to read. The book provides a much-needed bridge between theory and practice of Transformative pedagogy. It is what every teacher/prospective teacher looks for: a step-by-step guide to putting lofty ideological ideals into practice. The examples speak for themselves about the rich potential of the model.”

Catherine Carrison : Authors in the Classroom: A Transformative Education Process is an amazing resource for today’s teachers. This book, wonderfully well written and organized, guides teachers in the process of strengthening the literacy skills of their students through the strengthening of their voices. In the first part of the book the authors walk the teacher through a discussion of transformative education and the role of creative dialogue in the classroom. The second part of the book is focused on the journey of writing as it reflects areas of exploration such as Recognizing Human Qualities, Strengthening Self-Identity, Building Communities, The Power of Transformation, Understanding the Past – Creating the Future, and Learning to Know. Ada and Campoy vividly demonstrate through the use of beautiful student, teacher, and family examples how the communities of the classroom and home can be merged through the medium of written expression. Perhaps most important, they show us how powerful the telling our own stories can be – how our stories can be shared to create an affirming and fabulously enriched learning environment in our classrooms for students, their families, and teachers.

eHow : Alma Flor Ada, with the author Isabel Campoy, published a book in 2004 called "Authors in the Classroom: A Transformative Education Process." In this book, Ada and Campoy explain a process teachers can go through to empower their students by empowering themselves. This process includes the teacher becoming author and encouraging his students to do the same. Ada believes that through this creative process true learning, liberation and equity can be achieved.  Alma Flor Ada Biography : Alma Flor Ada is a children's author who was born in Cuba and currently lives in California. Her children's books are well-recognized and she has been published internationally. Flor has received numerous awards for her children's books as well as her work as a teacher mentor. She is a professor at the University of San Francisco. She has authored several books for educators, among them this one in which she introduces the Transformative Education Process.  Tranformative Education : Transformative education refers to a way of teaching that both transforms the teacher and student. Transformative education has been described as both a process and product of education--the process of authentically engaging with your students, and then your content leads to producing positive change.  Theory : Alma Flor Ada and Isabel Campoy outline their theory around transformative education as it relates to the teacher as author in her classroom. They believe that by authentically communicating through honest written expression, the teacher has the opportunity to explore oppression and inequity. This exploration can lead to the exposure and elimination of this oppression. This elimination, in turn, can lead to the liberation of students, thus completing the transformative cycle of process and product. Ada and Campoy root the theoretical in the concrete objective: Teachers author their own books for the their own classes, and so encourage student expression and voice.  Book Content : The book contains not only an outline of the transformative education process that Ada and Campos believe will help liberate students and teachers, but it is also a valuable resource for educators. It contains writing prompts for teachers, as well as lesson objectives. Ada and Campos call teachers to action while providing them with the tools necessary to take transformative action.  Reception  : Published in 2004, the book has been well received by critics and educators alike. It is clearly written and maintains an encouraging tone throughout. Because of this, it has gained popularity and favor and will most likely continue to reach teachers and, through them, their students.

Authors in the Classroom : A Handbook for Trainers

Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy's handbook to accompany Authors in the Classroom.

Ayundando a nuestros hijos

A Spanish-language handbook for parents rich in practical suggestions concerning literacy, literature-based home activities, sharing cultural heritage with children, the value of the mother tongue, and promoting oral language development at home. Information on health and self-esteem is also included. Written in a very simple and accessible manner, with a caring and inspirational tone throughout.

Clave de sol

A triple murder takes place in the Cuba of the late 1950's, changing forever the lives of six young individuals. Time and distance separate them now, yet all remain joined by a shared secret they've promised never to reveal. In this new saga, we feel suspense, surprises, deep emotions and unexpected outcomes that map the road by which the main characters will relive their past to find in their present the profound reality of their origins and identity - finally sowing the seeds for a better future.

Through her characteristically evocative style, Alma Flor Ada describes the everyday historical and political events lived by Cubans in exile and by those that remain on the island. Her narrative transcends the purely anecdotal to present us with a kaleidoscope of intense feelings and moving dialogues where time and memory dance to the beat of absence and yearning.

Comprehensive Language Arts

The principles of Transformative Education as applied to a comprehensive and balanced literacy program in grades K through 3. Topics covered include the role of literature in the classroom, developing phonemic awareness, language development in the first and second language, and engaging children in reading and writing activities.

Effective English Acquisition for Academic Success

This book shows how to maximize English learning by building upon the assets children bring with them: their native language skills and their varied personal experiences. In addition to detailing how various skills can be readily transferred to English from the mother tongue, poetry and song are presented as key elements for making second language learning a joyful and fruitful experience.

Hagamos Caminos

Hagamos Caminos, combining the benefits of both phonics and whole-language approaches, offers teachers a fun and effective process for helping children learn to read in Spanish.  This reading program includes engaging texts by Alma Flor Ada, as well as high-quality illustrations by Ulises Wensell, an internationally-acclaimed artist.  Hagamos Caminos ensures success by using syllables as the basis for decoding, and by systematically building upon previously-learned syllabic combinations.  At the same time, Hagamos Caminos engages children's imagination and strengthens their natural motivation for reading by offering meaningful literary texts as reading material.  The illustrated workbook promotes language and concept development along with offering practice in reading and writing skills.  This efficient and highly effective reading program helps even the most reluctant readers discover the joy of making meaning from a written text.  A brief and friendly teacher's guide explains how to use the program, as well as how to use the Creative Dialogue approach in the classroom to actively engage students in the reading process.

Home School Interaction with Cultural or Language Diverse Families

This handbook for educators emphasizes the need to recognize and build upon parent strengths in order to create strong connections between home and school. Topics addressed include transformative education, educational reform, parents as educators, parents as authors and protagonists, language development at home, and the value of bilingualism. Field-tested, easy-to-implement activities and approaches, as well as sample letters to parents in English and Spanish.

Musica amiga Pedagogia creadora a traves de la cancion

Musica-Amiga-1.jpg (439414 bytes)Musica-Amiga-3.jpg (59589 bytes)Discover the power of music and poetry to build literacy!  Infuse culture into your curriculum with this indispensible collection of poetry and songs in Spanish.  This program is an excellent vehicle for developing phonemic awareness  and supporting language acquisition, basic foundations for reading success.  The musical compilations include traditional folklore, selected works by a wide range of Latin American authors, and original material written by Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy. All of the songs are arranged and sung by Suni Paz, and many are her original compositions. The books contain magnificent color illustrations by Ulises Wensell.  The importance of songs in the classroom cannot be overly emphasized. Songs are a vehicle for both teachers and students to develop fluency in the language, improve pronunciation and intonation, build vocabulary, and develop their understanding of Hispanic culture. Learning the traditional folklore cherished by families and communities will strengthen Latino children’s sense of identity; for English-speakers learning Spanish, songs and folklore will deepen their appreciation of the Spanish language.  Each of the accompanying books includes the corresponding lyrics for all of the songs. All of these songs and poems can be used from kindergarten to grade six for oral language development and cultural enrichment. The first five compilations are particularly suited for helping develop specific literacy skills, as indicated. The last five support sustained language development, a deepened appreciation for literature, and an ongoing love for independent reading.  Musica amiga Phonetic Guide (1) (2)

Latin Baby Book Club : Música amiga: ¡Que rica la ronda! by F. Isabel Campoy : This month we have a special treat for you. The estimada Sra. F. Isabel Campoy has graciously written a series of posts describing what she considers their best contribution to Latino children - Música amiga. Written together with Alma Flor Ada, this incredible collection is made even more powerful by their collaboration with the talented Suni Paz, who arranged and sings all of the songs on the CD many of which are her original compositions. In addition, the series contains magnificent color illustrations by Ulises Wensell.  Música amiga uses the power of music and poetry to build literacy. This remarkable series is available as a set or individually. Parents, teachers, librarians, and homeschoolers will find this set to be an extremely valuable tool for developing their children's/students' phonemic awareness and supporting language acquisition, basic foundations for reading success.  We hope you will join the LBBC in expressing our sincerest thanks to Sra. Campoy for sharing Múscia amiga with all of us this month...Música amiga constitutes an anthology of Hispanic folklore, plus our original poems. In its 120 compositions there is the foundation of language for children to learn by singing, and a treasure for mothers, to close the circle of their own childhood. In our 40 plus poems we share our pride to be Latinos, our joy to be part of an extended family, and even an invitation to take care of life!  There are ten books to this series, each with an accompanying CD.  Each book includes 12 carefully selected poems. All 120 poems are presented as songs in the CD collection. Some of the poems are from folklore, a number of them have been originally written by Alma Flor Ada and myself. A few are from other renown poets.  The books have magnificent illustrations from internationally acclaimed illustrator Ulises Wensell.  All of these poems and songs can be enjoyed by children in Pre-K to 6th grade, as they touch upon topics that affect us, inspire, and entertain us all. Parents will find it easy to sing along with their children thanks to Suni Paz’s musical creations, or learn the lyrics for inspiration and pride in their own identity.  The first five volumes are particularly suited for helping develop specific literacy skills and for the reinforcement of specific syllabic combinations as well as overall language development. The last five volumes support sustained language development, a deepened appreciation for literature and an ongoing love for independent reading.

Connie : We (my five families, each with a 3-5 yr. old nino)  began using the Musica Amiga curriculum this week.  The parents were delighted with Los Elefantes, exclaiming, "Oh, mi mama sang that to me when I was little!"  To introduce the song, I got a ladies hair net (to represent a spider web) and each of the five ninos had a rock.  I held open the net and they put in their rocks, one by one.  Of course the tela broke!  We talked about heavy and light, big and little concepts.  Then we played the CD and followed along on the large chart I had made.  Next we did Sapitos.  I had purchased a handmade carved, hollowed out frog with a razor back for "playing as an instrument".  One of the papas played along with the CD.  When it was time for the patitos, the ninos joined in with boistrous "quacks".  What fun to celebrate their language, the songs of their heritage and to laugh and learn together!  The padres are so excited about using the curriculum.  I can hardly wait to share with them the additional stories that compliment the theme!  I am soooooooo grateful for the goldmine of stories and songs from Alma Flor Ada and for the opportunity to discover them along with the precious families who are eager to teach their ninos.

Ana: This series looks amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on it and enjoy it with my niña.  I also look forward to sharing it with our bilingual community.  Thanks!!
Angelica: I have been advocating for more bilingual and Spanish books in my local library. This series sound like a perfect recommendation! The illustration on the cover is simply beautiful...
Tracy : Wish I had found these when my sons were younger. They look fantastic and the cover art is gorgeous.
Silvia : Thanks for sharing this beautiful series with us. What a great idea to combine poetry with music for children!
Melanie : This sounds great. I'm excited to find more Spanish language media every day that I can use to help my daughter live a bilingual life.
Dariela : Wow! What a great series! I'm so happy these books even exist! I need to learn all those songs so I can sing them de memoria. These books with cds will help!! GRACIAS!
Monica : Gracias a todas! We are so delighted to have had Sra. Campoy share this wonderful series with us and all of you...
Marcela : I love the pictures! Simple yet beautiful.  I appreciate all the details in the post and look forward to sharing it with my kids!!
Ben : The kids really enjoy singing along and I look forward to being able to use them in our Literacy program! Having the words makes it much easier to be able to do that.

Spanish Literacy Strategies for Young Learners

This practical resource guide offers activities to develop Spanish literacy in young learners so they will be better prepared to master the same skills in English.

Transformative Family Literacy Engaging in Meangingful Dialogue with Spanish Speaking Parents

Known variously as "Padres como autores", "Padres, niños y libros¨, "Libros y familias", etc., all of these transformative family literacy programs have their roots in Alma Flor’s original work with migrant parents in Pajaro Valley in 1986. The original article describing this project, published in the book Minority Education: From Shame to Struggle, by Tove Skutnabb-Kangas and Jim Cummins, led to great interest in this empowering, Freire-inspired approach to working with parents. Now this easy to use manual helps you create similar programs in your school or district. The manual offers detailed descriptions of program components as well as a starter book list, logistics check list, sample schedules, etc. Also included are nine discussion guides for initiating transformative dialogue with parents based on selected children’s literature titles.

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